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Get outstanding guidance without the guide. Get the trip of a lifetime without the logistics. We’re with you every step of the way. We take care of the details. All you have to do is show up, enjoy and create incredible memories.

We understand that you only have one life to live and that you want to squeeze the most possible adventure out of it. We understand that you need to disconnect every once and a while, to recharge, and that the wilderness does that. We understand that you love the outdoors and that you want a new kind of independence, flexibility and freedom. Most of all, we understand that you don’t like logistics, but that you also don’t need or want a guide.

There are 2 ways to plan a trip. You can:
1) Do-it-totally-yourself. Go unguided. Research and plan everything. Provision everything yourself by sourcing, renting and/or buying.
This option is okay if you’ve got the time, budgeting skills, and experience - and truly know the area already, and the odds of that are probably slim.

2) Take a fully guided tour. Go with the pack. Follow your guide. Accept that one size fits all. Keep in line. Stick to their schedule. Be led everywhere.
This option is okay if you can afford it and you don’t mind fitting in with other people’s plans and schedules, not to mention losing your freedom and intimacy.

3) If you’re like us, you don’t like either of those options . That’s why we’ve reinvented trip planning from the ground up by adding a new and innovative way for you to experience the outdoors. We’ve developed a third option, because we're different, and so are you. We enable you to conduct trips on your own, with sound planning advice, local knowledge and our comprehensive provisioning of all the essential gear you will need. We build the convenience of a guided trip into your personalized self-guided experience. Your trip. Your way.

You're an integral part of the planning and provisioning process, but we do the grunt work (doesn’t that sound good?). Nothing is an off-the-shelf packaged offering. Your trip is a unique, custom-made plan based on who you are and what you want. We chat (email/Skype/phone) in order to understand your needs and expectations and tweak the plan, going over it together until you are totally thrilled with it. We prepare everything you need and then we rendezvous at an ideal launch point to get you on your way.

Give it some thought. Explore us further. We're confident you will feel you have come to the right place for your adventures in Vancouver's Big Backyard and beyond.

Get Inspired. BC You Beauty.

  • Happy Holidays 2014

    Happy Holidays 2014

    Adventure is all around us.  It is just a matter of perspective.  Over the past year we have had many adventures our our own, lived vicariously through yours and been inspired by people from all over the planet. We were in New York City in November, paddling on the East River just under the Brooklyn […]

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  • Sayward Forest Canoe Route

    Sayward Forest Canoe Route

    Canoe routes in BC are a bit hard to come by.  There simply aren’t a lot of looping lakes joined by rivers and portages to make circle routes.  So you’ll be pleased to hear that there is one more to add to the bucket list.  And this one is pretty close to Vancouver, has great […]

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  • Echo Lake Waterfall Hike

    Echo Lake Waterfall Hike

    Echo Lake hike, also known as the Monmouth Creek hike, is probably the most incredible sub-alpine hike we have ever done.  It is a steep, challenging, vertical ascent beside an incredible waterfall. 950m straight up.  One of those high effort, high reward hikes. At times you are scrambling up on all fours through loose dirt, […]

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  • Jedediah Marine Park

    Jedediah Marine Park

    We spent a few days this spring scouting the island gem that is Jedediah Marine Park. Tucked between Lasqueti and Texada Islands in the Strait of Georgia halfway between Vancouver Island (just north of Parksville) and the Sunshine Coast (Halfmoon Bay), it is one of the largest island parks in the province.  It is a […]

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  • Enter Dam Good  Trips

    Enter Dam Good Trips

    Welcome to the new Dam Good Trips site.  We’ve changed our name a bit, we’ve got a new url, we’ve updated our site, and we’ve added new routes. Plus we have some new partner and trip options as well, including some mountain biking day trips.  Our commitment to getting you out hiking and paddling, and […]

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  • Two Canyon Trail – North Shore Hiking

    Two Canyon Trail – North Shore Hiking

    What happens after you run the gauntlet barring the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge  and continue on a little farther down the garden path so to speak?  Well you end up in a wonderful network of loops and trails that weave all through the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve (LSCR).  The reserve is just to the east of the equally sized Lynn […]

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  • Early Season Hiking on Vancouver’s North Shore

    Early Season Hiking on Vancouver’s North Shore

    Wow.  So it is summer in Vancouver.  It is hot, the sun is shining and everyone is out enjoying it.  DGL was hard at work this weekend up in the local mountains on the north shore checking snow lines and finding snow free early summer hikes.  Despite all the heat and all the sun, there […]

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  • Dam Good Logistics Featured in ThePaddler ezine

    Dam Good Logistics Featured in ThePaddler ezine

    Back in June Dam Good Logistics did a trip out to Nuchatlitz Park on the west coast of Vancouver Island. It is a fantastic trip for a number of reasons: relatively protected paddling on the west coast of Vancouver Island, stunning white sand campsites and some the best sea otter viewing in BC. Check out […]

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  • The Kayak Written Word – Digital and Print Magazines

    The Kayak Written Word – Digital and Print Magazines

    At Dam Good Logistics we love everything about paddling.  And when we are not actually out paddling, we are talking about it, reading about it, watching movies about it, and generally getting stoked for the next adventure.  This post is dedicated to the written word that inspires us toward that next adventure.  Both old fashioned […]

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  • Great Kayaking Recipes – Traditional Food of the BC Coast

    Great Kayaking Recipes – Traditional Food of the BC Coast

    This month’s edition of “Cook Out” is dedicated to two interesting and delicious food items that come right from the coast we love to kayak on- sea asparagus and herring roe on kelp (“k’aaw in the Haida language) . Sea asparagus and k’aaw are traditional foods of the First Nations people of coastal BC including […]

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  • Paddling in Vancouver’s Big Backyard: Indian Arm

    Paddling in Vancouver’s Big Backyard: Indian Arm

    I’ve written before Vancouver’s fabulous Big Backyard. There are great ways to get out of the city for the day, explore nearby wilderness, feel like you are a world away, have an adventure and still sleep in your own bed at the end of it. Another one of these great little escapes is Deep Cove […]

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  • Great Kayaking Recipes – Crab Cakes & Greek Salad

    Great Kayaking Recipes – Crab Cakes & Greek Salad

    We welcome back our guest foodie Heather Lacey with another kayaking recipe for this month. Amazing Crab Cakes and Easy Greek Salad Feeds 3 people (or 2 really hungry paddlers) Crab Cakes  2 tins of crab meat 2 eggs 1/2 bunch of cilantro (or parsley) 3/4 cup of panko bread crumbs ( in the Asian […]

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Words of Praise

We really are great at what we do, but you don't have to take our word for it.
"As a former kayak guide myself, Christina's local knowledge, logistical capabilities, and contacts with the necessary service providers were invaluable. Those qualities, combined with her understanding of, and respect and passion for sea kayaking, make DGT the ideal resource for any type of kayak trip in this area. I should add that my wife, who had less kayaking experience, also gives Christina very high marks on all accounts. With our trip, Christina managed to strike the perfect balance between what each of us wanted - and we both came away with a trip of a lifetime that far exceeded our expectations." Dave van Beek, Los Angeles, California, 2012
"I would recommend Dam Good Trips to people looking for human-powered, adventure to a very special and beautiful place. Our group of 4 (from 16-50 years old) had an awesome vacation. I am so glad we made the decision to work with Dam Good Trips as it took the burden of doing tons of research off our shoulders and we had a memorable journey that none of us will forget." Kirsten Kindt, Boulder, Colorado, 2013
"Fantastic service – DGL planned a wonder, unguided trip for us. Even though we were on our own, we felt like DGL was with us at every key point." Caryn Schenewerk, Washington DC, 2013
"It was truly an incredible experience to be able to enjoy the Southern Gulf Islands on our own but without feeling alone! If you’re planning to kayak in BC and you’re on the fence about whether to go with an outfitter or on your own, Dam Good Trips is your answer. Christina gives you the security and ease of an outfitter, but the intimacy and independence of going out on your own." Hillary Dickman, Colorado, 2014
"I wish Dam Good Trips was everywhere I want to vacation! It is vacation planning made easy!" Katelyn Huffman, Seattle, Washington, 2013