About Us

Welcome fellow adventurers.  I am Christina Chowaniec, founder and operator of Dam Good Trips.  My experienced colleagues and I believe that the self-guided, highly personalized trips we create offer you a unique kind of independence and flexibility.

What we do best is this: match your needs with the many paddling and hiking opportunities available in BC and equip you to do it. Alone. Unguided. But well informed and advised about what challenges you will face. That’s how we put our knowledge to work for you.

We are experienced kayakers and hikers who know the tides and currents, coves and estuaries, beaches and peaks, valleys and meadows because we explore here all the time. For sure, these are powerful ocean waters, awesome tides, demanding mountains and changeable weather patterns. So our confidence is always tempered with caution.

We know what gear is best, kayaks, paddles, rescue systems, navigation tools, communication devices and safety gear.  We also know menus and good food, GPS coordinates for great campsites and hidden beaches, and advice on everything that helps get you where you want to go.  We love lists. We love details.  We have a lot of information and expertise we can share with you.  Most of all, we love the outdoors, so let’s get you out there.

With your input about your own skill level, we can develop a plan that fits you and your group.  Take our Preliminary Questionnaire to give us a sense of the kind of trip you are looking for.  If you already know you want to do a multi-day kayak trip, take our Kayak Experience Self Evaluator to discover if you qualify as a BEGINNER or an INTERMEDIATE.  Or if a multi-day hiking trip is more your thing, take our Hiking Experience Self Evaluator.  If you are INEXPERIENCED, see our FAQs for some sound advice on how to get up to speed.

Please enjoy surfing through our website. You’ll probably have questions. Then let’s make contact and chat about your needs and expectations.

Happy trails,

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