Trip Planning Process


1) We have an initial discussion with you (phone/email/Skype) to determine the kind of trip you would like to have.  You tell us things like:

  • whether or not you have pre-set ideas in mind
  • when would you like to go and for how long
  • how many people in your group
  • your experience level
  • how far you would like to hike or paddle in a day

2) We send you trip ideas and a quote for the Trip Planning Fee for your trip.

3) If you would like to proceed, we send you a questionnaire for you to detail what kind of equipment you need, whether or not you have food allergies/preferences, details to make planning easier.  It is here that we determine what exactly you need us to provide.  At this point we will also take a deposit, 50% of the Trip Planning Fee.

4) Based on all the info we have gathered from you, we create a detailed itinerary, confirm the gear/equipment we are providing, give you menu options, confirm put-in/take-out points and organize transportation.   We send it to you for comments and approval.  You give feedback and we update the itinerary until you are 100% satisfied.

5) Once you are completely happy with the trip, we will send you a copy of the itinerary, for you to sign.  This will constitute the Agreement, our contract.  We will also collect a deposit on the Trip Costsand the balance of the Trip Planning Fee.

6) In addition to the itinerary, you will also receive a booklet (e-version which you can print if you like) of all the details, confirmations, contact info, menus, rental details, transportation times.  This is your Master Plan, everything you need to know about your trip.  Final payment is due at this time (or no less than 14 days before the start of your trip).


The price of your trip is based on two things:

1)     The Trip Planning Fee: our time to plan your trip, put together itineraries, contact our suppliers, shop, pack.

2)     The Trip Cost: cost of rentals, gear loans, food, transportation

Trip Planning Fee + Trips Costs = Price of your trip

Canadian taxes (HST 12% in BC) will be added to the final price of your trip.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card (via Paypal).  All initial deposits will be applied to your final payment.  If final payment is not received, Dam Good Trips reserves the right to release your reservations and assumes that the trip has been cancelled by you.  In this instance, our standard cancellation fees would apply.

You will also be required to sign the Dam Good Trips waiver.

Trip Cancellation

All money paid towards the Trip Planning Fee is non-refundable. The Trip Costs are subject to cancellation penalties depending on how late you cancel.  If you cancel your trip, the following fees will apply:

# Days prior to trip Fee

30+    any money paid towards the Trip Planning Fee

14-29    50% of Trip Costs + Trip Planning Fee

0-14   100% of Trip Costs + Trip Planning Fee

Changes to Your Trip

Clients are allowed to make minor changes to the itinerary once the trip is confirmed, within reason and with sufficient advance notice.  We will try our best to accommodate your requests.  However, major changes will incur additional planning fees and/or non-refundable deposit payments in addition to the amount initially quoted.  See the “Cancellation Fees” section above for our fees should you need to cancel your trip entirely.

International Flights

Dam Good Trips does not directly book or issue flights to/from your trip.  However, we can usually advise you on the best way to get to our big backyard.  And in many cases we can help you to find flight agents or travel websites who can help.