At Dam Good Trips we’ve reinvented trip planning from the ground up. We enable you to conduct trips on your own, with sound planning advice, local knowledge and our comprehensive provisioning of all the essential gear. We build the convenience of a guided trip into your personalized self-guided experience.  Your trip.  Your way.


Plan your Dam Good Trip

You’re an integral part of the planning and provisioning process, but we do the grunt work.  Nothing is an off-the-shelf packaged offering. Your trip is a unique, custom-made plan based on who you are and what you want. We chat (email/Skype/phone) in order to understand your needs and expectations and tweak the plan, going over it together until you are totally thrilled with it. We prepare everything you need and then we rendezvous at an ideal launch point to get you on your way.

All trips are customized to what you need and want, but we can provide:

  • a plan and schedule,
  • development of an ideal route that everyone agrees upon,
  • charts and/or maps
  • detailed trail & route descriptions
  • hazards & highlights, local knowledge, current and tide details, prevailing weather patterns
  • menu planning and food
  • gear selection
  • transportation logistics
  • pre-trip training,  lessons, stroke development, safety and rescues

Plan your Dam Good Trip