We work with you to identify the area of our Big Backyard that best aligns with your experience level and expectations. In an ongoing dialogue with you, we match your expectations, skill level, budget and your ideal schedule with our knowledge of ideal routes, days required, and prevailing weather.  We can build single sport multi-day wilderness experiences (ie hiking/kayaking), develop multi-sport itineraries where you stay in B&Bs and do more day trip style trips, or a combination of both.  Though partners we can add other activities like biking, rafting, bird watching, or aboriginal culture components.  Let us know what we can do for you.


All trips are customized to what you need and want, but we can provide:

  • a plan and schedule,
  • development of an ideal route that everyone agrees upon,
  • charts and/or maps
  • detailed trail & route descriptions
  • hazards & highlights, local knowledge, current and tide details, prevailing weather patterns
  • menu planning and food
  • gear selection
  • transportation logistics
  • pre-trip training,  lessons, stroke development, safety and rescues

Sample trips:
In the Land of Giants – Carmanah Walbran Park
Solitude in Hotham Sound
Heather Meadows Trail – E.C. Manning Park

Plan your Dam Good Trip