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“We went for a 5 day camping and kayaking trip in Desolation Sound in BC, Canada. Christina helped us plan all parts of the trip, from the route, top the ferries for driving to the kit we would need. She provided an excellent service. We could not recommend more – we had the trip of a lifetime!”
Fran Rose, London, England, 2017

“I definitely recommend Dam Good Trips to anyone interested in exploring the Inside Passage in a kayak.  Christina helped us put together a detailed, challenging, enjoyable route based on our abilities and experience. She was willing to meet in places that were convenient to us, provided detailed maps, charts and contact information, even lent us extra gear, and made a number of reservations on our behalf.  While we were out on our trip, she made herself available to discuss weather and route guidance over the phone – an important service when the weather is changeable and serves up challenging conditions for a kayaker. She is friendly, knowledgeable, supportive and diligent.”
Andrew McLaughlin, Santa Rosa, California, 2017

“I HIGHLY recommend using DGT to plan your next BC adventure! I felt completely prepared from start to finish of the trip, and I plan to definitely use DGT again the future to plan my next trip. Christina had excellent advice for me as a solo traveler not only on the hiking and biking plan she had put together for me, but with exploring BC altogether! I am so impressed with DGT and cannot wait to work with Christina next year for another trip!”
Amanda Smith, Arlington, Virginia, 2016

“Dam Good Trips helped us to plan a paddling vacation that was far beyond what we could have done ourselves.   And when we missed our ferry, Dam Good Trips was ready on call to help us adjust our schedule.”
Blake Watkins, San Francisco, California, 2016

“Dam Good Trips was Damn Good. I was really pleased with our trip. It was great to be able to tour ourselves without a guide and yet have the knowledge and understanding of a local to help us plan.”
Julie Wagener, Auckland, New Zealand, 2016

“Well organized. Christina met us at our hotel and reviewed our entire trip with us. She bought our food and planned an excellent camping menu. We had all the camping gear we needed down to the last detail. We had maps and good directions. She was flexible and through in her expertise of the fun adventures to be had in the area, we were able to access the Canadian outdoors in ways we never could have on our own.”
Mahan Boyd, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2016

“We appreciated the quick responses and quality of service. Our trip was amazing! All directions were easy to follow and clear.  Everything went smoothly without moments of uncertainty. Overall a GREAT time!”
Kyndall Savage, Liberty Hill, Texas, 2015

“The trip was fantastic and exactly what we would have planned for ourselves locally. It was well thought out and included everything that we needed. DGT did a great job matching the itinerary to our expectations and abilities. We had such a great time that we got engaged on the last day!”
James Delaney, Phoenix, Arizona, 2015

“We had a fantastic time in Desolation Sound thanks to Christina. Well organized, easy and it enabled us to explore Desolation Sound in great detail. If you are thinking of exploring BC Dam Good Trips is a great option.”
Will Jecks, Perth, Australia, 2015

“Dam Good Trips gives you detailed planning advice so you can experience the area like a local that knows all the secretly amazing spots, best campsites, and most beautiful scenery!”
Allie Phillips, Elko, Nevada, 2014

“Thank you very much for helping us plan an amazing trip to the Gulf Islands. We enjoyed every minute of it. The area was beautiful and the whole experience exceeded our expectations. We couldn’t have done this without your experience. Thank you for making it all so easy for us, from the communications, to providing all the gear we needed, pre and post trip meetings, etc. Having come from abroad, this was very important to us. Great and friendly service throughout!”
Lili Roqueta, Colchester, UK, 2014

“We had a dam good trip – the places we went to were gorgeous and whilst we enjoyed being out there on our own, we would never have known about them without Christina.  She got us psyched up for an awesome adventure without any worry or stress. So easy, friendly and we got exactly what we wanted out of our trip.”
Anna Heslop, London, UK, 2014

“We were this close to booking a tour when we stumbled upon Dam Good Trips and their tailored, independent kayaking offering. Christina took the time to really understand what we were looking for and designed a trip that blew all of our expectations out of the water. Christina has excellent knowledge of the area and kayaking and gave us flexibility in our trip and ensured we experienced the very best of Desolation Sound. I cannot recommend DGT highly enough!”
Claire Jecks, Toronto, Ontario, 2014

“What amazed us most about Christina’s planning was that it looked exactly like what we would do for someone else if we were planning a trip for them in our neck of the woods. It was thorough and detailed — she told us everything we needed to know from the ferry schedules to where we were most likely to see bald eagles and baby seals. It was truly an incredible experience to be able to enjoy the Southern Gulf Islands on our own but without feeling alone!  If you’re planning to kayak in BC and you’re on the fence about whether to go with an outfitter or on your own, Dam Good Trips is your answer. Christina gives you the security and ease of an outfitter, but the intimacy and independence of going out on your own. ”
Hillary Dickman, Boulder, Colorado, 2014

“Thank you Dam Good Trips for an amazing kayak & hike adventure. Christina organized an amazing trip for us. Awesome things she did: – Came to the condo we were staying at (on time!) and went through everything in person – Noted our dietary/allergy needs when it came to lunch – VERY accommodating when we added an extra person last minute – Chose a hike that was suitable for our ACL torn friend – Affordable price and easy payment style – Quick replies with emails – Follow up text after we were done our adventure to make sure we were safe and alive My friends from San Diego had such a great “first time” in Canada – They recruited more people for next year and they want Dam Good Trips to organize it again! Highly recommend!”
Loan Do, Edmonton, Alberta, 2014

“For people that know what they want to do, but aren’t quite sure where in Vancouver to do those things – Dam Good Trips definitely has you covered. Great planning and tools that will make for a wonderful day out.”
Jennifer Matsunaga, Burbank, California, 2014

“Christina was very attentive to our needs. We emailed a few ideas to her and she put together a great trip that included all reservations and lunch. We just had to show up and enjoy the outdoors.”
Tyler Page, Sammamish, Washington, 2014

“We had a wonderful time kayaking and hiking in Vancouver’s “big backyard,” as Christina calls it! Christina could not have been more helpful and gave us peace of mind as we enjoyed our adventure!”
Natalie Hair, Orlando, Florida, 2014

“Great advice, great service, great price! Would recommend for anyone like me who isn’t really familiar with the area or with kayaking in general, but who really wants to experience the best of British Columbia!”
Patrick McGowan, Lubbock, Texas, 2014

“DGT provided a personally tailored service allowing us to confidently enjoy a beautiful part of Canada without being limited by a guided trip.”
David Renner, London, UK, 2014

“DGT did a great job answering our questions, planning our meals and destinations in preparation for the trip – highly responsive, thorough and patient. The map and recommended campsites were the best part of the trip experience. A++ on guiding us without actually being there.”
Caryn Schenewerk, Washington DC, 2013

“My wife and I had never kayaked on the ocean but we didn’t need anyone to hold our hand. DGT was perfect for us. We were helped in planning our trip and understanding the ocean (such as the tides). The information and knowledge was very good. What I appreciated the most was the communication. We had several emails back and forth to help clarify and questions. Plus, the final prep meeting was done on the holiday Monday to accommodate my schedule. Highly recommended for those that don’t need a babysitter just an expert to help plan your trip.”
Rob Caravan, Kamloops, British Columbia, 2013

“The trip ended up being everything we hoped it would be. Our 4 day and 3 night kayak trip to Desolation Sound was challenging, beautiful, relaxing, exciting and unique.”
Kirsten Kindt, Boulder, Colorado, 2013

“Dam Good Trips allowed us to do some of our favorite outdoor activities without a group of tourists and without having to bring too much of our own gear. We were able to explore the area as much as we wanted without having to adhere to someone else’s schedule.”
Traci Olivas, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2013

“We were unsure what to do for a summer vacation, we were looking for something fun and adventurous yet still low key and relaxing.  Courteous and friendly trip planner that was very willing to help out and answer any questions. Christina obviously had a great understanding of not only kayaking in general but the specific route she had planned for us. Dam Good Trips provided a perfect summer vacation.”
Samantha Forshner, Kamloops, British Columbia, 2013

“The fact that I did not have a clue of places to go or things to do in Vancouver except that I wanted to kayak and hike, and Christina was able to get me to the best places!”
Katelyn Huffman, Seattle, Washington, 2013

“DGT provides was a one stop shop for planning our adventurous kayak trip. They do all the prep work for you and send you on your way.”
Josh Prasatik, Houston, Texas, 2013

“After one day trip using DGT I want to take more kayaking trips and buy another better kayak for myself here at home. I felt inspired to do much more kayaking.”
Alisha Jurgens, Aurora, Colorado, 2013

“I enjoyed the freedom to travel on my schedule, at my pace and ability”.
Weston Woodward, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2012

“We wholeheartedly recommend DGT to anyone – of any skill level – interested in kayaking anywhere along the BC coastline.”
Dave van Beek, Los Angeles, California, 2012

“It was so easy! All I had to go was tell Christina what I was looking for, and she organised everything for me.  DGT made a beautiful day trip to Bowen Island a cinch to organise! I really appreciated not having to stress about little details, and knowing that “Christina has got this”. I could just relax and enjoy the trip so much more, I had a wonderful time.”
Cordelia Huxtable, Auckland, New Zealand, 2012